Workshop Storage

When you've got your head down and you're focused on a project, the workshop can very quickly become a cluttered and subsequently dangerous place. Leaving your tools and materials lying around is a recipe for disaster, and so it's important that you invest in a proper means of workshop storage for your workshop equipment. Here at Equip4work, we provide an extensive range of high-quality workshop storage in a wide range of sizes and finishes.

Our workshop storage solutions also provide superb garage and shed storage for home workshops too. If you are in need of garage workshop storage then our cupboards and kits are a great option. Whether you require some new designs or want to organise your space, our garage storage will help keep your workshop in shape.

Effective workshop storage plays a vital part in ensuring workshops of any size are kept tidy and well organised. From workshop tool storage to PPE and wardrobe cupboards, Equip4work offers a wide selection of storage designed specifically for workshops.

Our range of small parts storage is designed for holding small parts that could easily get lost without an effective storage solution. Including mobile bin trolleys and drawer cabinets, small parts storage from Equip4work caters to all workshop needs.

Industrial cupboards allow for workshop tool storage, with modular workshop storage kits allowing users to fully furnish workshops with high quality storage solutions that are made to be durable and long lasting.

PPE and wardrobe cupboards provide protection for important garments, and include both mobile and static storage units as well as those with anti-bacterial coating to help prevent germs and bacteria in the workshop.

Shop workshop storage solutions with Equip4work today and discover the highest quality workshop storage available for unbeatable prices.