Charging Lockers

Building and construction industries are home to plenty of tools and specialist equipment, all of which need charging and safely storing. These expensive tools require a safe space that is also home to a power source; this is where a charging locker comes in. Here at Equip4work, you'll discover a brilliant range of charging lockers for tools and small electrical items, as well as mobile phone lockers and more. With a wide variety of sizes and colour finishes available, you're sure to find the right locker and cloakroom product to meet your requirements. To safely store your electronic devices, why not take a look at our laptop lockers too?

Ensuring electronic equipment is always charged and ready for use is important in a bustling workplace where portable devices are key.

Used to charge and store a variety of electronic devices, Equip4work's selection of charging lockers includes laptop and tablet charging lockers as well as charging locker trolleys.

Ideal for use in workshops and the construction industry, tool charging lockers are available with anti-bacterial coating to help fight bacteria and other germs that may be present. Double socket tool charging lockers are ideal for storing and charging multiple tools, whereas single socket lockers are perfect for larger tools.

Charging locker trolleys allow for easy transportation of stored devices while keeping them charged to make sure they're ready for use. Ideal for use in schools, charging locker trolleys are perfect for getting laptops from classroom to classroom with ease.

Browse our extensive range of charging lockers now and discover premium quality goods at unbeatable prices. Contact our expert sales team today for help with choosing the correct charging locker for your workplace and storage needs.