Shelving Bin & Box Kits

Shelves with bins and boxes are the most efficient way to store small parts, they are a great way to efficiently store items with high visibility which makes an easy and quick picking experience. Equip4work brings you an extensive range of shelves with bins, from sealed plastic box shelving to cardboard box bins and shelves with picking bins with easy access to stock. All of our shelves have strong and sturdy bays that will provide you with a long-lasting solution to your storage requirements.

Our shelves with bins are available in a choice of designs, allowing you to find the right type of storage for your needs. If you are looking for a solution for archiving files or old documents, then opt for our plastic box archive shelving, complete with robust plastic boxes and secure lids to protect the contents over long periods of time. Alongside this, we also provide archiving shelves with cardboard boxes, these are a much more suitable option if the boxed content will be used on a regular basis. Within our shelves with bins range, we also supply picking bin shelves. These are designed for use in numerous environments whereby the organisation and storage of everyday small parts and essentials is required.