Hygiene Cleaning Equipment

Hygiene cleaning equipment is an essential for any place of work. Making sure you adhere to cleaning guidelines, health and safety procedures and recommended cleaning schedules to help reduce the spread of bacteria and ensuring the protection of individuals. At Equip4work, we provide cleaning and hygiene essentials for workplaces, commercial use, public areas and more. Designed to effectively clean various types of areas and surfaces. From heavy duty and industrial vacuum cleaners to housekeeping trolleys and washroom supplies, you will find everything required for your commercial cleaning needs. Our hygiene cleaning equipment is sourced from reputable brands and renowned manufacturers, for highly effective cleaning products.

In any place of work, it's important to constantly adhere to cleaning guidelines to ensure the spread of bacteria is kept to a minimum and workers are in as safe of an environment as possible.

Our range of hygiene cleaning equipment and commercial cleaning supplies includes everything from workplace vacuum cleaners to janitorial and housekeeping trolleys, offering effective cleaning methods as well as easy transportation and storage solutions for equipment.

110v Vacuum Cleaners are an industry favourite for floor cleaning. Designed with a 110v power for industrial cleaning of carpets and other types of flooring, our collection features only the highest quality 110v vacuum cleaners to ensure your floors are kept to their highest standard of cleanliness.

Hygiene Cleaning Equipment found at Equip4work is of the highest quality with our selection including strong and durable pieces including heavy duty floor scrubbers and petrol pressure washers.

Shop for cleaning equipment for your workspace today at Equip4work and not only find the most suitable cleaning methods for you, but shop in confidence knowing that our customer service is unbeaten.