Workshop Equipment

The workshop can be a potentially hazardous environment, a place in which spills, trips and loose tools can soon cause accidents or unwanted clutter. At Equip4work, we specialise in providing everything needed; from secure, hazardous storage and tool chests to workbenches and industrial workshop equipment, each and every one of our products is guaranteed to be of a high-quality. Browse through our workshop workbenches and workshop storage for must have items for your workspace.

If you are setting up or updating your home workshop, our range of equipment can easily be used within a garage or shed. From essential storage solutions to workbenches and more, our site offers all the garage workshop supplies you could need. Many of our ranges feature small, more compact equipment to allow for easy installation within home garages and sheds. For easy set up on your property.

Ideal for setting up or updating a home workshop, our range of equipment is perfect for furnishing a garage or shed. From workshop storage to workshop work benches and workshop tool chests, it's important to have the correct equipment when working in a potentially hazardous environment.

Our collection features a range of small and compact equipment suited for easy installation in the home, as well as industrial warehouse equipment.

Offering everything from fabric workchairs to work stools, our collection of workshop chairs ensures you can complete workshop tasks comfortably and safely. Including those made from strong polyurethane, all chairs available in our collection are made with only the highest quality durable materials.

Shop confidently today with Equip4work and discover a vast range of workshop equipment from tools and accessories to hazardous storage solutions.

Operating since 2004, we pride ourselves on offering customer service that's unrivalled anywhere else. Contact our expert sales team today for help and advice on the best workshop equipment available for you.