Janitorial Trolleys & Housekeeping Trolleys

Janitorial trolleys and housekeeping trolleys provide mobile storage of cleaning essentials for janitors, housekeepers and cleaners. Our trolleys keep hold of everything required to provide a deep and thorough clean, whilst also being easy to manouvre. Ideal for use in various workplaces and commercial spaces, including schools, hotels, offices and more. Each of our janitorial trolleys and housekeeping trolleys is designed to hold essential cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies, for more productive cleaning. We also provide washroom suppliesworkplace vacuum cleaners and janitorial safety signs at Equip4work.

Providing mobile storage solutions for cleaning essentials, janitorial trolleys from Equip4work are designed to assist janitors, housekeepers and cleaners with their work, making it easier for them to carry a large range of equipment at one time.

Including cleaning trolleys, housekeeping trolleys and accessories, our range is comprehensive and offers everything to make cleaning jobs more efficient in every workplace and industry.

We offer a multitude of janitorial trolleys, including those featuring carousel styles as well as compact styles with a range of shelves for easy storage. Made from durable materials, our range of janitorial trolleys are strong and can withstand scratches and dents.

Browse our eclectic range of janitorial trolleys and housekeeping trolleys today and discover a wide selection of different trolleys and accessories. For more cleaning and hygiene products and equipment, take a look at our vacuum cleaners and floorcare machines available.