Pallets & Retention Units

We provide high quality, robust warehouse pallets and storeroom retention units for efficient movement of goods in storerooms and stockrooms. Ideal for any number of businesses from various industries, we provide an array of material handling solutions including roll pallets, pallet retention unitsdistribution trolleys and more. Keeping stock moving efficiently is key to a productive warehouse and storeroom and our warehouse pallets ensure goods are distributed to the shop floor or the distribution point with ease.

Designed to store and move stock and other various materials and equipment, warehouse pallets and storeroom retention units from Equip4work are ideal for a large range of different industries.

With such a wide collection including caged security trolleys as well as distribution trucks, Equip4work offers an extensive selection of pallets and retention units that can be used in a number of different ways in a variety of spaces.

Roll pallets are essentials in the majority of workplaces from restaurants and shops to major factories. Allowing you to safely transport and store materials such as cardboard boxes both empty and full, roll pallets are the ideal solution for many materials handling needs.

Browse our range of pallets and retention units today and discover the right materials handling solution for your workplace. For more pieces of handy equipment, take a look at our selection of shelf and tray trolleys as well as stackers and scissor lift tables.