Drum/Cylinder Handling & Storage

Our wide range of strong and durable drum and cylinder storage allows you to safely transport, store and manoeuvre drums and cylinders as a safe and secure method of materials handling. Taking away the difficulties usually associated with drum and cylinder handling, our collection of equipment is suitable for a wide range of drums and cylinders, offering cylinder storage as well as the likes of drum storage and drum forklift attachments.

Safely transport, store and manoeuvre drums and cylinders with our wide range of drum handling equipment. Strong and durable stands, carriers, dollies and forklift attachments for easy lifting and moving. Our range is suitable for use with a wide range of drums and cylinders. These products will help you to meet Manual Handling regulations and ensure the safety of your workforce. Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards. If you can't see the drum handling product you require or are not sure what will best meet your needs, please call our friendly sales team on 0333 234 4233 or use our chat facility for instant advice