Workplace Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are an important tool in most cleaning and hygiene processes, whether that's being used domestically or in the workplace. Keeping on top of dirt and dust is paramount whatever the environment, and this includes larger, industrial areas such as workshops, warehouses and factories. Here at Equip4work, you'll find a fantastic range of workplace vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners that are specifically designed to deal with cleaning such spaces, as well as a variety of accessories and spares to meet your every need.

At Equip4work, we understand that there's no one vacuum cleaner that fits all purposes and workplaces. That's why our extensive range of workplace vacuum cleaners includes industrial vacuum cleaners as well as commercial vacuum cleaners to suit a wide range of janitorial needs. Whether you need to clean up liquid spills or dust and dirt, Equip4work have got you covered.

Our selection of 110V vacuum cleaners includes those by the well known Numatic brand, offering a reliable and well sought after solution for the industrial cleaning of carpets and other types of flooring. Ideal for use in a wide range of workplaces, 110v vacuum cleaners are long-lasting and durable for industrial use.

For tougher dirt, our range of cyclonic vacuum cleaners are designed for heavy duty usage in the workplace. Effectively cleaning masses of dirt, debris and dust from a variety of flooring types, cyclonic vacuum cleaners from Equip4work are suitable for use in every workplace from factories and warehouses to schools.

Browse our range today or contact our expert sales team for help with choosing the right vacuum cleaner for your industry.