Materials Handling Stackers & Scissor Lift Tables

We supply a number of materials handling stackers, designed specifically for efficient moving of large and heavy goods within busy working environments. Within our range of innovative products, we feature an array of stackers to suit any number of tasks. Our scissor lift tables are suited for unloading of items or extension of work surfaces. We also stock pallet stackers, designed for warehouses, factories or busy stockrooms for the lifting and moving of pallets, with a number of powered models for ease of use. All of our materials handling stackers are produced with efficency in mind to help aid productivity within the workplace.

Equip4work offers a wide selection of materials handling stackers and scissor lift tables, designed for easy movement of heavy duty items in busy working environments such as factories and warehouses.

From vertical lifters to scissor lifts for materials handling, our selection covers everything you need to safely and efficiently handle a wide range of different equipment. Including everything from scissor lift tables to scissor lift trolleys, there?s something suited for every workplace no matter what space is available.

Our range of stackers is designed to allow easy stacking no matter what weight materials are. Offering both electric stackers as well as winches, our collection of strong and durable stackers come in a wide variety of different sizes and styles.

Browse our extensive range of materials handling stackers and scissor lift tables today, or take a look at our wider range of materials handling equipment for more helpful pieces for the workplace, including pallet trucks and platform trolleys.