Office Display & Presentation

Within most businesses, displaying important information is essential to allow individuals to notice memos, announcements and literature. With office display boards you can effectively place information that is clear and noticeable for employees, customers or the public. Our range includes a number of various office presentation boards, including, mobile whiteboards, wall mounted leafleft dispensers, easels, planners and more. We also supply chalkboards for food establishments wanting to display menus too. Alongside our office display boards, we provide display systems such as panels, which can be used for exhibitions and conferences to showcase your company, or projection screens and lecterns for presentations and seminars.

Equip4work's selection of office display boards and presentation accessories makes displaying important information and showcasing items easier and more aesthetic than ever before. From whiteboards to projection screens and conference chairs, we offer presentation furniture suitable for every business. Whether you're wanting to display a variety of school trophies or present to a group, Equip4work's wide range is built to cater for every need.

Office presentation boards from Equip4work come in a selection of different colours and styles, including combination boards that are ideal for when you're wanting to present and show items at the same time.

Our tamperproof noticeboards selection is similarly as versatile, offering everything from tamperproof to soft touch boards for a variety of different purposes. If you're looking for notice boards for busy environments, our selection of flame resistant boards are ideal for fire escapes and corridors.

Shop office display and presentation furniture with Equip4work and receive customer service that's unrivalled anywhere else. Contact our expert sales team today for help with choosing the right display and presentation furniture for you.