School Desks &Tables

Inclusive of all educational needs, our collection of school desks and classroom tables offers everything from laboratory and craft tables to height-adjustable tables. Available in a plethora of different styles and colours, our range of school desks and tables are designed with hard-working students in mind. Pair with school chairs for the classroom, or browse our range of storage for classrooms, ideal for keeping those learning resources organised. We also provide desks for young children too within our early years furniture.

School desks and classroom tables from Equip4work come in a variety of different styles and designs from arts and activity tables to exam desks. No matter what the purpose, our range of school desks and tables is suitable for every occasion and educational topic including both school fayres and science classes.

Tilt top and folding tables available from Equip4work are easily moved and stored to allow full utilisation of all available space, as well as help make areas versatile and diverse. Perfect for arts and crafts and events, folding tables are easy to wipe down and keep clean ready for their next use.

For tables to carry them through multiple school years, browse our range of height adjustable tables today. Available in a variety of designs, the tables can be altered to be made higher or lower to accommodate.

For more school equipment and furniture, browse our vast range of education furniture now, and take a look at our selection of school chairs and seating.