Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines

Industrial floor cleaning machines are designed to effectivley clean floor spaces. We provide a range of quality floor scrubber-dryers, scrubber-polishers and sweepers, for the thorough cleaning of floors in workplaces and commercial spaces. Regular cleaning within publicly used areas and workplaces is essential in preventing the spread of bacteria, ensuring the protection of individuals. Using our industrial floor cleaning machines can help save time whilst making sure your flooring is dust, dirt and grime free. Alongside this, we also provide workplace vacuum cleanersjanitorial trolleys and washroom products for commercial use.

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Made to clean a wide range of different floor types including hard indoor flooring as well as outdoor flooring, our selection of industrial floor cleaning machines is versatile and suitable for many different workplaces and industries. Essential for keeping grime at bay, commercial floor cleaning machines are a vital piece of equipment for the majority of workplaces.

Designed to effectively pick up dust, dirt, gravel and more, our range of industrial floor sweepers allows for cleaner floors within any environment. With a selection suitable for indoor and outdoor use, industrial floor sweepers are ideal for pavement cleaning as well as commercial floorcare in offices, retail spaces and workshops.

Browse our extensive range of commercial floor cleaning machines today and discover everything from floor scrubber-dryers to accessories/spares.

If you're looking for more floor cleaning equipment, take a look at our selection of vacuum cleaners today where you'll find the likes of industrial vacuum cleaners as well as wet and dry vacuums and commercial vacuum cleaners