CoSHH Hazardous Storage

Workshops, warehouses and factories are environments in which you'll often find hazardous substances, and with these potentially dangerous materials comes the need to correctly store them while not in use. Here at Equip4work, we stock a fantastic range of safe and secure workshop storage equipment and a wider range of hazardous chemical storage products. Our hazardous storage is specifically designed to house the likes of acids, chemicals, pesticides and flammable liquids with a robust steel casing and shelving.

Why Are CoSHH Cupboards Grey Or Yellow?

Workplaces that use hazardous chemicals are required to have appropriate colour coded storage for these chemicals that are easy to identify. Using grey or yellow CoSHH cupboards allows for clearly-identifiable storage solutions for hazardous chemicals.

Why Should Disinfectant Be Kept In A CoSHH Cupboard?

It is a requirement within workplaces that hazardous chemicals, including disinfectants, are kept in safe and secure colour coded storage, hence why disinfectant products should be stored in CoSHH cupboards.