Materials Handling Equipment

When it comes to the handling, moving and lifting of objects, Equip4work has a vast collection of material handling equipment solutions for your company. With the main culprit of injuries within the workplace being the incorrect lifting techniques that are carried out, the use of appropriate equipment, when moving or lifting heavy goods, is essential to comply with the health and safety legislation. Our ever-expanding range of heavy lifting equipment supplies ranges from the lifting of lighter loads with sack trucks, scissor lifts, platform trucks to the heavier loads with lifting gears, forklift and crane attachments.

Handling equipment and materials can be dangerous if not done correctly. Health and Safety legislation requires suitable Materials Handling Equipment to be used whenever goods both heavy and light are being manually lifted or moved. Lifting equipment supplies and solutions are a necessity to ensure workers are kept safe at work.

Our range of materials handling equipment offers safe methods of transportation and storage that are perfect for use in factories, warehouses, workshops and other industrial workspaces.

From roll pallets to shelf trolleys, our range offers transportation methods made from high quality materials such as plastic, polyethylene, steel and stainless steel.

Our collection of small parts storage allows for easy storage of small parts within the workspace, whether that be an industrial space or your garage or shed. Offering storage solutions with an antibacterial coating as well as small part drawer cabinets, our collection provides efficient organisation of small sized objects that makes them easy to identify.

Browse our range of materials handling equipment today to find the right storage and transportation solution for your workplace. Contact our expert sales team now for help with choosing what would be the most suitable.