Office Partition Screens

Our office partition screens are ideal for separating areas of an office or workspace whilst adding privacy and reducing surrounding noise. We provide various designs of office partition screens, including desktop screens which can be mounted onto desks for separation of desk space. We also supply floor standing screens which can help to separate specific areas within the office, which also offer sound reducing benefits for added noise reduction. This is featured alongside mobile screens, which are ideal for presentations or if you require a temporary room divider. Our office partition screens can be utilised in various working environments, including call centres, schools, offices and more.

Essential for creating privacy in an office or other workspace, office partition screens from Equip4work are made from high-quality durable materials and available in a wide range of designs. Offering the ability for added privacy and to create different sections within the workspace, portable screens are vital for every business.

Ideal for when you're wanting to create an element of privacy but not wanting to isolate, desktop screens provide workers with their own personal space while still allowing the workspace to be sociable. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, desktop screens can also be used to reduce background noise.

Perfect for when you're wanting to create separate, private areas in the workplace, mobile partition screens from Equip4work come in a selection of concertina styles. Suitable for a number of uses in the workplace, mobile partition screens can also be used for displays and presentations.

Shop office partition screens with Equip4work and discover the versatility of your workplace. Contact our expert sales team today for assistance with choosing your partitions or any of our furniture, including our office desks and office chairs.