Vision Door Lockers

Perfect for more high-security areas, vision door lockers reduce the level of safety risks by letting you see into each compartment. Our selection of vision panel lockers provides safe storage for personal belongings while offering peace of mind and maximum security. Ideal for use in a wide range of different establishments, vision door lockers are both versatile and durable. Browse Equip4work's wide range of lockers today and discover lockers for every purpose, including wire mesh lockers and compartment lockers.

Vision door lockers from Equip4work are available in a range of different designs and styles, including perforated door lockers and clear door lockers. Made to reduce the level of safety risks in the workplace as well as allow increased ventilation for stored items, vision panel lockers are versatile and have many different purposes.

Mesh lockers are a practical variant of vision door lockers available from Equip4work, suitable for use in all workplaces and industries including construction, healthcare and education. Their excellent ventilation allows damp clothes to dry quickly while offering high visual security at the same time.

Contact our expert sales team today for help with choosing the right vision door lockers for you, or for professional advice on efficiently furnishing your workplace.

Vision door lockers are part of our wider work lockers range, which features a vast selection of different lockers and cloakroom furniture for all personal storage and changing areas.