Laminate Lockers

Ideal for storing items in both wet and dry environments, laminate lockers are suitable for a vast range of different industries including schools and gyms. Equip4work's selection of laminate door lockers offers the ability to resist dents, scratches and other significant signs of wear and use. An essential piece of changing room furniture, laminate door lockers are part of Equip4work's locker range which also includes metal lockers and plastic lockers for a range of different purposes.

Laminate lockers from Equip4work are the ideal option for both dry and wet areas, as well as areas that are typically more prone to moisture.

Their properties make it easy for them to be wiped down and sanitised, meaning that they're popular within industries where high levels of sanitation are constantly required. With an ability to resist significant signs of wear and use, laminate door lockers are strongly recommended for schools and gyms to help maintain appearance and combat any signs of misuse.

Available in a multitude of different colours from Equip4work, laminate lockers have a professional and modern finish that makes them a great choice for those wanting to modernise their workplace or complete a modern build.

Part of the larger work lockers and cloakroom furniture range at Equip4work, laminate lockers are part of a wide selection of different lockers that are suitable for a variety of different industries and uses. From charging lockers to metal lockers, Equip4work have got your every locker need covered.