Workplace Winter Essentials

Keeping your work premises safe and hazard-free during the winter months is an essential part of property maintenance. With our range of workplace winter essentials, you can keep pathways, car parks and further areas free from ice and snow, helping prevent the risk of slips, falls or potential injury. We provide highly durable salt storage boxes, allowing you to keep rock salt to hand in case of heavy snow, as well as salt spreaders and snowploughs which are useful for clearing paths and pavements of snow too. Ensure your outdoor space is kept safe for staff and employees during the winter months with our workplace winter essentials.

Don't get caught out this winter - Equip4work has all your winter essentials covered including rock salt, grit bins, spreaders and shovels. If you need any help with your winter supplies, please do not hesitate to call our sales team on 0333 234 4233 or use our live chat for instant advice.