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TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Chain Links

TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Chain Links £4 -
  • Black
  • Red
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zinc Grey
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  • Use these links to attach your TRAFFIC-LINE chains to connecting eyes on walls or posts.
  • Required to use chains with closed eye style connections.
  • Not strictly required to use chains with open hook style post and wall connections.
  • Red and black galvanised steel links are coated in durable plastic to give a bold, long-lasting finish.
  • While most chain links listed here can be used with any chain, the recommended link combinations for specific chain models are given in the table below, based on material. See related products below for the matching TRAFFIC-LINE Barrier Chains, available separately, where you can order your matching chain.
  • 12 month manufacturer guarantee.

Link Material Recommended TRAFFIC LINE Chain 
Galvanised Steel (Red or Black) MNK Quality or MFERRO Signal 
Galvanised Steel (Zinc Coloured) SM Steel 
Nylon M DEKO and M POLY 
Stainless Steel SS Stainless Steel 

Link Type Material Thickness Pack Qty Weight per pack (kg) 
Galvanised Steel With Screw (Zinc Coloured) 6mm 10 0.8 
Galvanised Steel With Screw (Red or Black) 6mm 10 0.8 
Galvanised Steel Without Screw (Zinc Coloured) 7mm 10 0.5 
Galvanised Steel Without Screw (Red or Black) 7mm 10 0.6 
Galvanised Steel 'S' Hook (Zinc Coloured) 7mm 10 0.5 
Galvanised Steel 'S' Hook (Red or Black) 7mm 10 0.8 
Nylon Connecting Link 8mm 10 0.2 
Nylon Attachment Hook 8mm 10 0.4 
Stainless Steel Link With Screw, 6mm 6mm 0.2 
Stainless Steel Link With Screw, 8mm 8mm 0.2