Office Bench Desks

Office bench desks provide work surfaces for a number of users and are ideal for groups, teams or departments working together to encourage communication between employees. Office bench desks allow for each staff member to have their own work area, whilst helping to improve collaboration with others. This can aid both productivity and relationships across the team whilst also providing a space saving solution for those who may be short on space. They can be purchased alongside desktop screens if you want to add a little more privacy to each desk space. Our designs are available in various colours and styles so you can find the perfect fit for your office.

Designed for use in team projects, communal office environments and specific workplace departments, office bench desks from Equip4work encourage teams to work together and increase social activity whilst working.

Available in a selection of different designs, our range of office bench desks come in multiperson sizes as well as individual desks, offering a wide variety of bench desk systems to encourage social working and the sharing of ideas.

Providing individual workspaces while still allowing for flow of conversation, our office bench desks can be placed together to create larger working environments and are ideal for use in schools, libraries and various offices.

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