110v Vacuum Cleaners

110v vacuum cleaners provide effective floor cleaning for commercial spaces and workplaces. Designed with a 110v power for industrial cleaning of carpets and other types of flooring. We understand that keeping floor areas free from dust, dirt and debris is essential, to help ensure the protection of individuals in providing a clean and hygienic environment. We supply only the highest quality 110v vacuum cleaners at Equip4work, for long lasting equipment that are effective at cleaning commercial spaces. For more designs, browse our workplace vacuum cleaners for various models, allowing you to find the exact type to match your requirements.

Our 110v vacuum cleaners are available in various types to suit your cleaning requirements. We provide the standard red Henry hoovers, a popular cleaner for many years and ideal for everyday cleaning within offices and small workplaces. Alongside this, we also supply wet and dry 110v vacuum cleaners for more heavy duty cleaning tasks. A wet and dry vacuum allows you to pick up wet and dry debris from floors, with many of our designs powerful enough for industrial working environments. Our range also includes advanced filtration 110v vacuum cleaners which help clean hazardous chemicals, particles and dust safely and efficiently. All of our models are supplied from either Sealey or Numatic, so you can guarantee on quality when you choose from our range.