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Numatic HZDQ900 Advanced Filtration Vacuum Cleaner

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Designed to the H13-class filtration specification, the HZ 900 has an incredible 99.95% filtration efficiency a giant 40 litre capacity, and dual motor suction power, making this vacuum able to work all day in environments where large amounts of hazardous dusts are located.
  • HEPA filter is mounted in an all-steel secure module to ensure safety when emptying vacuum.
  • HEPAflo bags have self-sealing tabs for even more safety when emptying.
  • Primary pre-filter is mounted in container to keep all dirt and dust in the right place!
  • All-steel power head contains two powerful and efficient Twinflo motors.
  • Low-flow warning light alerts user to any potential blockages, full bags, etc, and ensures filtration rate stays near maximum.
  • Front fully mobile castors ensure easy manoeuvrability in congested areas.
  • Giant 40 litre capacity.
  • Nucable system allows quick and simple cable replacement should a breakage occur, saving time and money on repairs.
  • Supplied with accessory kit AA20.
  • Accessory kit includes a crevice tool, a gulper tool and two different dusting brushes.
  • A pack of HEPAflo bags and some large disposal bags are also included, ensuring this vacuum is ready to use straight out of the box!
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee on the vacuum, 6 months on the accessories. Return to base.
Correctly selected and maintained the HZ series will form a valuable part of any system designed to control hazardous and health endangering dusts in the environment; it is, however, important to ensure the correct consideration is given to the appropriate clothing and protection required by the operator in carrying out any specialist operation.

Please note: If any parts are replaced, modules added, or any changes are made to the standard build and specification, this machine must be re-tested for DOP compliance. Failure to do so may put the user at risk from harmful dust particles.

Motor   2 x Twinflo  
Power   230V AV 50/60Hz  
Motor Power   2 x 960 W  
Airflow   84 L/sec  
Suction   2500 mm  
Capacity   40 L  
Cleaning Range   26.8 m  
Weight   27.2 kg  
Size   800x490x880mm  
Filtration Class   Type H to (IEC 60 335269)