Do You Need Lockers In Your Office?

If you are looking for secure storage solutions for your workplace, here are some reasons why lockers are an essential purchase for your office.


If you are working with limited space, you may have thought of lockers as an unnecessary item that will only decrease the floor space available. However, if you think outside of the box a little, they can actually help you to save space. If you decrease the size of the desks at which the employees are working at (making sure they are still adequate for their purpose), you will lose some of the storage space that is used for personal belongings. These days, most office employees only need a phone and a computer and they are good to go. Maybe a notepad or diary and a pen to jot down important notes or reminders, but even these can be computerised if your office is going paperless. If this applies to your company, the desks really don’t nee­­d to be huge. If you have mobile or shift workers, you could even look at having two or more employees sharing them. Personal belongings can then go in the lockers, taking up more wall space than floor space and allowing you to fit in more desks.

Hot desking

This reason won’t resonate with everyone, but some of the more modern and forward-thinking offices have started to implement something called ‘hot desking’. This concept means that no employee is allocated a single desk. They simply come into the office in the morning (or afternoon – flexible hours works well alongside hot-desking), choose where they would like to set-up for the day, and get on with their work. This does not work well for offices that rely on a huge paper trail, since things would inevitably get misplaced, but it is great for employees who work on a temporary basis, or who only need a laptop to get on with their work. The idea is that employees feel more motivated and inspired when their surroundings change on a daily basis, leading to a higher output and better quality of work. What it does mean, however, is that personal belongings need a centralised home, since they cannot live on a desk. A set of lockers in the centre of the room, or by the door, ensures that they can be stored safely and out of the way.

Minimalist Design

There is a lot to be said for minimalistic interior design. If there is absolutely no clutter in view (coats, bags, keys, etc) then it cannot become a distraction. Mobile phones are surely the worst for distraction, but even a coat hanging on the back of the chair can become an unnecessary distraction for employees. With everything tucked neatly away in a locker, the atmosphere in the room allows for complete concentration, which is sure to increase the quality of output.

Secure Storage

One of the main benefits of a locker is that it provides secure storage for personal belongings for employees. If your office or workplace is frequented by customers or can be easily accessed by the public, you may wish to store your valuables (such as your bag, wallet, keys, phone etc) somewhere safe and out of sight. This is where lockers are an invaluable asset to have in an office. They offer safe and secure storage for personal belongings and protects them from potential theft.  

For further information on choosing lockers for your office, contact our team. We can provide in-depth knowledge on all of our workplace lockers and our cloakroom furniture, helping you decide which design is right for you and your employees. 

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