What Type Of Locker Should You Choose?

There are many different types of locker styles to choose from. The style most beneficial for you will depend on your working environment. We take you through some of the benefits of the locker styles available for your workplace. 

Steel frame with steel doors 

The standard solution for indoor lockers, steel frame lockers are sturdy, durable and stylish and are often available in bright colours. They are designed to last a very long time and tend to be extremely secure. The only drawbacks are that they can be dented or scratched fairly easily (although this would not impair their use) and unless a soft close stop is used they can be noisy when opening and closing. If standard steel metal locker are exposed to water or damp they can become rusty over time so these should only be placed in dry locations. Wet area lockers are available, see further details below.

Steel frame with a laminated door 

These doors are often decorative and can be a little more expensive than ordinary steel lockers, although they are usually slightly more heavy duty and more resistant to knocks and dents. Laminate lockers come in two variations, one style for dry areas and the other for wet areas. There are also wood effect laminate door lockers which offer the appearance of a traditional wooden locker but with the benefits of laminate material.  

Plastic frame with plastic doors

Plastic lockers work best in an outdoor environment, since they are manufactured to withstand the elements. They are usually water-resistant and won’t rust like the steel lockers. If you are looking to place a locker outside, or in a wet area, look for one with a sloping top as this will help drain away rainwater, preventing water pooling. These lockers tend to be more lightweight than steel ones, making them easier to relocate if needed and they are very easy to keep clean since they only require a quick wipe down every now and then. Plastic lockers shouldn’t be used for items of very high value since they are not as secure as other options.

Wire mesh frame with wire mesh doors

These are typically used for items of clothing and are popular within construction environments since the mesh design allows for the effective airing of damp or dusty items. They are completely transparent, so it is easy to see what is inside for security reasons, but they still offer a strong and durable structure. Wire Mesh Lockers are ideal for workplaces that require certain uniforms to be worn on or off the premises.

Clear Door Lockers

Much like wire mesh lockers, clear door lockers are ideal for premises where the contents of the locker needs to be visible at all times. This can be for a number of reasons, such as security or theft deterrent. Lockers with a clear door or a perforated door allows individuals to see exactly what is being stored within them, which could potentially ward off potential thieves if they know there are no valuables kept inside. The clear door lockers are popular for use within retail, transport and high value warehouse environments.

Multi-Compartment Lockers

A locker that features multiple compartments is one that will benefit various workplaces. These innovative designs allow staff to store different items of clothing and workwear in separate compartments. While compartment lockers can help keep belongings organised, it can also keep clean and dirty garments separated, reducing the chances of cross contamination. Multi-compartment lockers are popular within emergency services, transport and manufacturing environments alongside garment dispensing and collecting lockers for workplaces which use laundry services.

Charging Lockers

Lockers are great for keeping valuable electronics safe, but with charging lockers you get another added benefit. These ingenious designs include charging ports which can be used to charge electronics and tools whilst they are being stored in the locker. There are a wide range of charging lockers available designed to charge and store laptops, mobile phones, power tools and more, whilst keeping them fully charged and ready for use. Charging lockers are popular for use within educational environments but also within serviced offices and factory settings.

Wet Area Lockers

Many changing rooms often experience wet or humid conditions which can occur due to showers or saunas being located in the same area. For this, wet area lockers are more suitable as they can withstand the damp air much more than a regular locker and won’t become susceptible to rust overtime. Wet area lockers are ideal for changing rooms in gyms, swimming pools and other similar facilities and are also used in catering and food preparation environments. There is a wide range of wet area lockers available and they are typically manufactured using galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic.

These are just some of the many different varieties of lockers available. For more information on the different designs and which is best for your premises, speak to one of our team. Our advisors can offer a wealth of product knowledge to help you purchase the right locker for your business needs. 

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