Utilising Space In A Small Working Environment

Whether you work in a workshop, warehouse or stockroom, working in a small working environment can be tough if space isn’t utilised properly.

There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped and uncomfortable while working, and while social distancing measures are in place, it’s never been more important to have enough personal space in the workplace.

From using collapsible warehouse appliances to making sure workshop storage and stockroom shelving is efficient, there are many ways to utilise space in a small working environment.

Today, the expert team at Equip4work will be sharing some small workspace ideas to help you really maximise and make the most of your space.

Storage solutions

From stockroom storage to workshop storage, using storage solutions to keep your workspace organised and tidy is a good way to make sure space isn’t wasted or misused, as well as ensure mess, clutter, tools and equipment don’t take up space.

Our range of workshop storage is designed for use in the likes of garages and other small spaces, and helps organise essential pieces of equipment and tools so they aren’t left out taking up valuable space. If you need to transport and store tools and components, opt for a workshop tool chest or trolley to have the option to easily free up space if necessary.

If you’re really short on space, storage workbenches create a space for both work and storage. Not only is this a big space-saver, but benefits employees with the convenience of having equipment and tools so easily available beneath their workstation. Workshop shelving is also a good solution for areas with very limited space, and can be put up above workbenches and on walls to free floor space.

For stockrooms and warehouses, industrial cupboards are a good solution for storing larger items, as well as the likes of folders and other necessary documents that the workplace might need to use. By using cupboards and other storage solutions, this helps prevent a build up of clutter that not only takes up space, but creates unnecessary health and safety hazards that could easily be avoided.

Warehouse appliances

Materials handling equipment and other warehouse appliances can take up space in the working environment, as well as create hazards if left out in walkways and other busy areas.

To combat this, it would be beneficial to choose equipment that can easily be folded away or stored away safely so not to take up precious space. For example, folding sack trucks can be used and tidied up in a matter of seconds, while mobile warehouse steps can be moved and stored away so that they’re not left out in the way.

Social distancing 

With social distancing rules still in place in the workplace for the foreseeable future, utilising space and ensuring employees have enough personal space isn’t just a preference, but a health and safety necessity. 

Social distancing measures put in place by the NHS advise that everyone should stay at least 2 metres apart, however in small workspaces this can prove to be tricky.

To follow these social distancing rules, space out workstations as much as possible, and limit the number of employees working in one area at a time. It may also be beneficial to limit the number of employees that come into the workspace on any given day, creating a workplace rota to enforce this.

A good way to increase safety levels in areas where social distancing is difficult is to install social distancing screens to prevent germs from spreading between areas. This allows for safer working while social distancing measures can’t be as strictly adhered to, however isn’t a replacement for staying 2 metres apart.

Social distancing signs are a good way to remind employees of the rules, as well as mark 2 metre spacing between employees and workstations to help keep everyone safe.

Following these simple steps will ensure that you’re making the most of all the space in your workplace, as well as ensure employees have enough space to follow social distancing rules and work safely.

Take a look at our wide range of workshop storage today for the ideal storage solutions for workshops, warehouses and stockrooms, or browse our full selection of workshop equipment now.

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