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Could your commercial workshop be safer, healthier and more efficient?

If your business is involved in manufacturing, your workshop is the heart and soul of your company. This is where the magic happens, where profit is made or lost, and where your most important people spend the majority of their time.

Providing the right equipment and facilities for your workers is not only conducive to them doing and effective job, it’s also a legal requirement. Aside of workbenches, storage and other essential workshop equipment, there are some key items which are all too often overlooked, which could help you run a safer and more successful workshop. Here’s what you need to know.

Five workshop essentials

So, you think you’ve got it all? You have a wonderful workbench, some safe and comfortable seating and all the tools you could need. But, have you overlooked something crucial in your planning for your workshop set up?

  1. A coat hook or stand: Installing coat hooks or locker storage for staff near the door not only makes it easier to stay tidy, it will also avoid having loose clothing and jewellery hanging around in your workshop. Put your PPE equipment here too, so that taking off a coat and putting on a face mask is a natural progression upon entering the workplace.
  2. Effective lighting: Effective overhead lighting makes for better visibility in the workshop. This in turn will lead to a safer operation altogether. Consider installing task lighting on workbenches for fiddly tasks too, and use as much natural light as you can to help people feel alert and well.
  3. First aid: Having a first aid kit is a no-brainer, but when was the last time you reviewed the contents? Make sure you’ve got all the plasters and bandages you might need, as well as an effective eye wash system if your projects are likely to involve dust, sparks, shavings or chemicals.
  4. Safe and organised storage: If there’s a place for everything, then everything can be in its place. Organising your workshop to ensure everyone knows where everything goes is essential, as it can stop people wandering around aimlessly and getting in other people’s way. Choosing the right workshop storage for the job will help minimise damage and losses too, helping your business stay profitable.
  5. A stress-free environment: All too often accidents are caused when people are working under stress and pressure. Rushing a task or feeling distracted by looming deadlines can put your workers at risk, so work on your planning and organisation to keep the pressure off your workshop employees and keep them safe from harm.

These five things won’t cost you much, but they could make all the difference to the safety and comfort of your employees. Our range of workshop equipment will help you keep your workshop organised and safe, making your business a better place to work.

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