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There are a number of small changes you can make to be happier at work, ranging from renewing your sense of purpose to getting a new workstation. Here’s a look at the ten best ways to improve workplace happiness. 10 tips to a happier workplace 1-   Sense of purpose: Re-orient your goals. When you start >> Read the full post >>

There are many advantages to having a home office. Increasingly, more people are splitting their time between the office and working remotely and many people are opting to work from home full time. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business owner, remote worker or your job allows you to work from home for some of the >> Read the full post >>

Making the switch from working for someone to freelance is an exciting step. Not only will you get your own freedom but you’ll have the benefit of working from home too. However, working from home comes with its own pitfalls, and it’s important that you start off strong by investing in a desk. A good >> Read the full post >>