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What do you really need to set up an office?

Have you been thinking of setting up a small office as your business grows, but unsure how you decide on the right office set-up? What about furniture?

Well, there’s good news: with careful planning and consideration, you could have the perfect office space set up in no time, with furniture that suits all your business needs.

In order to ensure you’re making the right decisions, though, you need to grab a piece of paper or a fresh Word document and follow these guidelines. Ready? Let’s dive in.

5 steps to designing the perfect office

1 – Decide what the space is for

This will depend on the kind of work you do. An artist will have different needs than an accountant, for example. However, you also need to consider how much storage you will need, how big a desk you want and other factors.

This step gets you visualising the space in your head as you begin to work out. You’ll find that the perfect office space starts to take shape in your mind pretty quickly!

2 – Get crafty!

The easiest way to decide on exactly what you’ll need from your office is to look at the space you need to fill and draw it out on a blank piece of paper.

It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece; just a quick representation you can play with. Start filling up the space with desks, working your way from there to cupboards, drawers and cabinets.

Let your imagination do the work first, then you can get more practical as you get a better feel for how everything is fitting together.

3 – Work out your budget

Money comes next. It’s tempting to let your imagination run away with you as you visualise a lush Google-style office in your head – but don’t.

Sit down with the cold hard sums and work out how much to spend. Doing it now means you won’t be disappointed when you come to deciding on actual furniture items.

4 – Look to the future

Think about your investment – you don’t want to scrimp on costs either.

Buying hard-wearing furniture that’s built to last is an investment that will pay off. You’ll be glad of it down the line when you realise you’re not paying for constant maintenance or replacements.

5 – Think about style

Time to get creative again. Start looking at the options open to you within your budget and your needs, and think about the message you want to send.

How will the furniture represent you and your brand? Imagine how you’ll feel inviting clients into the office – what feeling or vibe do you want them to take away with them?

Alpha Plus office desks

If you’re looking to balance budget while ensuring your furniture lasts, you can’t go wrong with Alpha Plus office desks and add-ons.

Our Alpha Plus office desks are professionally finished and will stand up to repeated use, coming with a 5-year manufacturers guarantee. They are stylish too, coming in a wide range of colour choices to match your brand.

We’ll not only deliver your furniture direct to your office, we’ll even fit it and take the packaging away! Find out more about the full range here.

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