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In the midst of all the chaos… find your OM!

According to an article published in The Sun, more than 5 million people die every year through having inactive life styles. One of the biggest contributors to this inactivity is office work, whereby workers remain seated for prolonged periods of time.

More and more employers are responding to this threat to their employees’ health by ensuring that the office desks they deploy are ergonomically designed, like the range of Elite Linnea bench desks.

Practicing deskercise

It’s not just employers who can rally round though; employees too can help themselves by plasticising what is being referred to as “deskercise,” – yes, you’ve guessed it – doing some mild exercising while sat your desk.

A deskercise routine has been created by Samantha Saw, a yoga teacher in Manchester. Of course if you were to practice regular yoga exercises at your desk, you can imagine the sort of ribald comments you’re might be bombarded with. This is exactly why the deskercise routine has been carefully designed to incorporate subtle poses stretches that can be performed at the desk, without your colleagues being aware of what you are doing, or so Ms Shaw says.

Bespoke deskercise yoga routine

The deskercise yoga routine only takes about five minutes to complete. It is made up from a number of specifically designed moves, with apt titles such as:

  • The lengthy meeting
  • Morning coffee
  • The office gossip

Ms Shaw became aware of the problems with sedentary office working after reading an article in the Lancet. Because she visits the gym three times per week, she has never thought about the health problems associated with sedentary behaviour. However, once she was aware of the problem she decided to create a video which can be seen by visiting this webpage in The Sun newspaper.

Elite Linnea bench desks are perfect for deskercising

Although Ms Shaw intimates that these deskercise routines won’t be spotted by employers and workmates, after watching the video I am sure you will agree that they probably will get noticed. But jokes from colleagues can easily be weathered when you understand the potential benefits.

As far as employers are concerned, forward looking bosses are all in favour of promoting healthy working for their employees. This is precisely why so many employers choose office desks from the range of Elite Linnea bench desks.

Enabling individual ergonomics

Elite Linnea bench desks are designed with individual ergonomics in mind. They provide excellent flexibility and inclusivity. Offering plenty of leg room and the ability to adjust the working height means that workers can not only assume comfortable working positions, but they can also practice their deskercise yoga moves with consummate ease.

The desks also facilitate the creation of unlimited layouts to optimise available office space and facilitating easy communication, they promote of a good, group working environment.

There can be little doubt that these excellently designed ergonomic desks, will contribute to improved health for deskbound workers, especially when combined with deskercising.

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