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What the state of your office desk says about your personality

Does a messy desk mean a messy personality?

You might be surprised at the signals you’re giving people by the state of your office desk. Lily Bernheimer, an environmental psychology consultant, is currently working on a book called ‘The Shaping of Us’ in which she looks at the environmental psychology of the spaces we use.

She identified 5 distinct ‘types’ based on the state of their desks and it might surprise you to discover which one you are.

5 types bases on environmental psychology – which are you?

1 – Clutterer

Definite extroverts, their desks are usually colourful and chaotic. They keep themselves from getting bored with lots of visual stimulation and because they have less need for personal space, their desk often becomes a “hub” of activity in the workspace.

2 – Minimalist

Disciplined and organised, they are hard-working and goal-focused. All they have on their desk is everything they need – nothing more, nothing less – to get the job done. It’s worth noting though that if someone seems like a minimalist, they might just not be committed to their current job, and ready to move on if the opportunity arises.

3 – Expander

Marking their territory by slowly adding more and more clutter to their desk until slowly its spilling out onto yours. We’ve all experienced working beside the Expander at some point or another, and how you react to them will depend on your outlook. If you’re an Expander, you’re dominant and protective of your own space.

4 – Surveyor

Usually introverted, they will find a corner at the back of the office from which they can see the entire room. They’ll know if someone wants to speak to them before they arrive at the desk and can be distracted easily if they’re in the middle of the workspace. However, they’re also highly creative and productive.

5 – Personaliser

Committed and loyal, they’re putting down roots and making the space their own. Whether artwork or family photographs, you’ll find they are open and extroverted. They are more likely to be satisfied with their job and tend to be physically and emotionally well-adjusted.

Famous desks – where would they fit?

So, which one of the five types are you? Some famous people whose personalities are recognisable from their workspaces are American artist Georgia O’Keefe who, unlike most of her contemporaries, kept a fresh, bright and minimalist workspace and Roald Dahl, who worked in a cramped hut – completely organised but filled with all manner of objects.

Virginia Woolf worked at an order, minimal desk with a view of her garden while Nigella Lawson writes surrounded by a massive library and piles of books on the floor around her.

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