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If you can spot what’s wrong in this image, you could just be a workaholic!

If you enjoy puzzle solving, you should enjoy studying the picture of the desk shown above. It is obviously not one of the range of Elite Kassini office desks. The type of vintage desk as shown above, is featured on the Playbuzz website with the by-line, that only real workaholics will be able to determine what is amiss. This type of desk was the norm way before Elite Kassini desks become available.

Coming back to the above mentioned puzzle, and looking for the “odd man out,” there are a number of items strewn across what is patently, an old style desk. That would account for the old-style telephone. They were in use back then, so no; that isn’t what’s wrong.

The blank piece of paper is what they used to write on a while ago, before PCs and laptops became the norm, so it’s not that either; and of course you needed a pen, and once-upon-a-time, a pen with a nib and a bottle of ink too!

Then, there is the calendar, Now this is worthy of further inspection. Can you spot why? Yes, it’s because it shows June 31 and of course there are only 30 days in June, but you have to be a genuine workaholic to notice this detail.

Office workaholism is a very British trend

Being a workaholic is very definitely a British trait. Workers on the continent often have extended lunch breaks and even take mid-afternoon siestas. The typical British, office worker more often than not remains at his or her desk during lunch, where they eat their sandwiches. Many continue working.

Workaholism is something that employees take on themselves. There is no pressure from employers to practice it, but as it is so deeply ingrained in our working culture, many employers decide to invest in Elite Kassini office desks. If employees are going to become workaholics, they may as well do so in comfort, and comfort from these ergonomically designed desks is available by the spade-full.

The features that Elite Kassini office desks incorporate

Kassini office desks are the Rolls Royce of office furniture. However, although they incorporate the comfort you might expect from RR (but in a working sense) they are not outrageously expensive; in fact given the quality and the ergonomics, they are excellent value for money.

Ergonomics is not just a buzz word invented by the office furniture industry. It is a real science. In the words of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomic and Human Factors, it is the scientific discipline regarding the appreciation of the interactions between people and systems and the theory that is applied to maximise the comfort of people through good system design.

Things like adjustable working height desks, incorporating mechanical cranks in accordance with Disability Discrimination Act, are built in as standard. Elite Kassini office desks, like the Executive 120° desk, have been designed to facilitate team working in situations where interaction and communication between staff members is key.

For the busy workaholic, Elite Kassini office desks make their working lives so much more practical and comfortable.

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