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The pros and cons of a desk job

November 12th, 2017
desk job

Desk jobs: a cushdy number or a living nightmare?

Do you work at a desk job? If so, you might sometimes feel as though the remote workers, freelancers and sole traders you know have it good. While they still work from a desk a lot of the time, they may appear to have a little more freedom than you.

However, there are downsides to not working in an office-based desk job too, so take heart. Every job comes with advantages and downsides.

Here we take a look at some of the various pros and cons of a desk-based office job.

Desk jobs: the good, the bad and the uncomfortable

The good:

Being connected

Office workers tend to be more connected and not just to colleagues. They are usually more aware of developments within their organisation and opportunities for personal development.

Set hours

Office jobs don’t usually differ much from the standard 9-5 working day. That means a routine that many people find keeps them focused and prevents them from overworking.

Better money

Desk-based jobs tend to attract higher salaries than, say, freelance job. Freelancers have to invest a lot of their takings back into their business and, as a result, it can take them longer to earn good money. With desk jobs, on the other hand, you’re paid a set wage, with few expenses.

Access to technology

Office based workers tend to have easier access to advancements in technology. Most employers keep their staff up to date with new software, such as operating systems and cloud-based storage, or hardware. Sole traders may find it takes them longer to take advantage of new technology.

The bad:


Many office-based jobs require people to do generally the same tasks each day. While the order or priorities change, there are usually less opportunities to do different things.

Less variety

A freelancer, for example, may have to spend time out of the office, meeting clients or other business owners. They probably also do a changing series of tasks depending on the project they are working on.

Wearing a uniform

Desk-based jobs tend to come with a prerequisite for a uniform of some kind. While it may only be business dress or smart casual wear, there is usually less scope for your working clothes to reflect your individuality.

Office politics

Interpersonal relationships can wear you down when you work in an office – gossip, politics, power plays – these are all less common for those who work on their own or in the field.


The uncomfortable:

Lack of physical activity

If you’re bound to work at your desk for the majority of the day, there’s much less opportunity for physical activity. Getting out and meeting clients, on the other hand, means more chance of getting brisk walks and fresh air, which is better for overall health.

Discomfort at desk

Sitting at a desk long-term can be uncomfortable and even painful. If your desk isn’t set up efficiently or adjusted for your needs, you can store up long-term problems.


Gardena Office Desks could make your desk job more enjoyable

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