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Say no to shoulder pain at work

October 30th, 2017
shoulder pain

Say no to shoulder pain!

The shoulder is a complex area of the body. It is comprised of several joints and they are connected by a series of tendons and muscles. A lot can go wrong with the shoulder joint and unfortunately it often does! People who work in offices, who spend all day sat at a desk, are vulnerable to getting shoulder pain. This may be due to the nature of the work and to the position that is adopted when the work is being carried out.

Chronic shoulder pain can be caused by awkward movements that are carried out repeatedly over a prolonged period of time. Using a keyboard and a computer mouse are typical examples. You may see this type of complaint referred to as repetitive strain injury (RSI) or cumulative trauma disorder.

Tackling shoulder pain at work with the help of next day Merge Desks

Shoulder pain is not something that you have to put up with. You can make changes to the way in which you work which can have a remarkable effect on your pain and discomfort. If you are thinking of investing in next day Merge Desks then these tips will help.

  • Sitting correctly helps your shoulders. This may seem strange. It is easy to see that sitting correctly is vital for you lower back but the link to the shoulders is less clear. In fact, the whole body is affected by poor posture. If we do not sit correctly, our body gets fatigued very easily and we tend to slouch. This in turn causes the shoulders to roll forwards and causes strain and discomfort. Correct posture results in less shoulder pain.
  • Make some changes to your work space. When your new desk arrives, you can make some changes to how you work. Make sure that your elbows are level with it. If they are too high you will hunch your shoulders. Keep the monitor at arm’s length and ensure that the top of the screen is just below your eye level.
  • Could your neck be the problem? Some shoulder problems originate in the neck. If you need to constantly twist your neck to look at your monitor this will put a strain on the soft tissue in the area and trigger a pain response. You can avoid this by keeping everything that you need, including the computer mouse, within easy reach.
  • Set up a healthy routine. Plan your day so that you are not spending prolonged periods in the same position. Plan when you will do the photocopying, schedule a meeting, hunt for a lost file. Try to work at your desk in blocks of no more than 20 minutes broken up by short breaks. Then every hour so, take a longer break by having a trip to the coffee room or a stroll outside.

If you are organised and take on these tips you could see your shoulder pain improve in a week or so. These tips will also benefit your posture as a whole. Browse Office Furniture Online for the latest ranges in next day Merge Desks and other ergonomic furniture to safeguard your postural health.

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