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What can you do to boost employee happiness?

There are many factors which can lead to low morale amongst employees. From job cuts to increased workloads and the pressure to perform, the mood of the workplace can take a downturn, affecting productivity amongst other things. Boosting morale takes work, and there’s a lot you can do to boost morale. One of these things is an office redesign. Transforming your office could help boost employee happiness, restoring that morale that helps them work effectively.

Office design ideas to boost happiness

It has been suggested that workplace design can help employees feel happier. There are some great ideas you can incorporate to help boost the morale of your workers and energise the workplace for more productive working, including:

Create different workspaces

With many workplaces opting in favour of open plan working, the sense of a uniform space can make an office feel dull or uninspiring. However, dividing the workspace into areas, either through colour or concept, can help change the space and make it more diverse. Having breakout areas, meeting rooms and informal meeting spaces as well as work areas gives people variety, helping to lift any monotony employees may be feeling.

Get creative with departments

It can be hard for employees to feel valued for their work, especially those in support areas whose work may not be the most visible within the organisation. Giving each department their own space and designing it to suit their needs and work can help departments to feel unique and valued as well as provide a better layout. Ask staff to give input and help with the process, this will give them ownership over their space and help to boost their morale.

Let there be light

Get rid of the ‘bullpen’ environment and open up your office space. Making sure that the room gets enough natural light is important, and having closed off offices on the outer parts of the office can block this out. If you’re not willing to completely break down walls, replacing them with glass ones can bring in the light and create a more open office. If you do think you can make-do without individual offices, then our Next Day Nova desks are a quick and easy way to get staff set up for more open office working.

Go modern

Modern office spaces create a more exciting, energised vibe which can transfer to your employees. Take inspiration from modern start-ups, interiors, technology companies and others which manage to incorporate funky features such as interactive walls, to make their office spaces more exciting. Vibrant colours, sleek furniture like next day Nova desks are quick, affordable fixes that can make a big difference to the look and feel of your office space.

Need a change in a hurry? Try NEXT DAY Nova desks

Office Furniture Online’s Next Day Nova desks are the ideal solution for businesses looking to implement changes to their office. With a variety of designs which are lightweight, attractive and functional, these desks compliment a variety of office types. Take a look at the full selection and make your office a happier place to be by investing in your office design.

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