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company culture

Building a strong company culture can help you become a better team.

You may have read a lot about business ‘culture’ over the past few years and wondered what exactly it means and how it could benefit your own business. In terms of business management, a ‘culture’ is a set of shared values, attitudes and beliefs that translate into the standards and goals of an organisation or business. It’s what makes you tick. If your business was a person – it would be its personality. Your business culture could be what makes or breaks a business so it is worth you giving it some thought.

Creating your business culture

There are some key concepts that need to be part of your business culture. It will take time to finalise these. Start by sitting down with your senior employees and thrashing out some core values. Then you can move on to the more detailed matters.

  1. Sort out your physical space. Think about the comfort levels of your employees and how you can make it easier for them to work. This may vary for each employee. Some extroverts will want their Commerce II White Office Desks placed right in the middle of a shared office because they gain energy from interacting with others. More introverted employees will thrive in a private office space.
  2. Pass on the power. It is your business and it is tempting to feel that you have to make all the decisions but that may not be the case. If you empower your employees to make more decisions themselves (within guidelines) you will find that they feel more connected to the business and go that extra mile to make sure that it succeeds. One key decision would be about their workspace and what office furniture they would like.
  3. Make time to talk. It is easy to get carried away when you run a business and lose sight of your goals. Take time to get out there and talk to your customers. What do they like about what you are doing and what do they not like? Have they got any suggestions for what they would like you to do? The same goes for your employees. Build some space into the working week for informal chats. Give them the opportunity to tell you how they feel things are going.
  4. Secrets don’t work. There may be some information that needs to be kept secret from your competitors but, on the whole, transparency works best. Tell your employees what is going on. If they feel that you are honest and upfront with them it will build up a culture of trust and they will feel more comfortable working for you.

Buying Commerce II White Office Desks to fit into your business culture

You can design your office space to reflect the culture of your business. Invest in some stylish new furniture like Commerce II White Office Desks from Office Furniture Online. Your physical workspace will soon reflect the culture of your brand and your business will flourish.

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