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Workplace injuries

Is the way you sit at work risking injury?

In a report issued by the ONS (Office for National Statistic) on 9th March 2017, it was noted that an incredible 137 million working days were lost last year (2016) because of sickness and injury – and that is the figure for just the UK alone!  This works out to approximately 4.3 days per person. This is actually the lowest figure ever recorded. When numbers were first counted back in 1993, the average worked out at 7.2 days per worker.

The majority of the time people took off work was due to minor illnesses like coughs and colds. These accounted for some 24.8% off sick days. However, not far behind this category comes days taken off because of musculoskeletal disorders; things like back and neck pain and upper limb disorders. This category accounted for some 22.4% of the overall total.

British office furniture designers accept their duty of responsibility

British furniture manufacturers are taking their responsibility for the health of office workers very seriously. At a recent meeting of the BIFM, Lillian Antonio of manufacturers, Herman Miller, delivered a lecture on the impact that sedentary office practices are having on the bodies of office workers. As well as the musculoskeletal problems that unhealthy repetitive actions can bring about, she also talked about the related biochemical reactions.

Ms Antonio also referred to the drop in the number of sick days associated with musculoskeletal disorders, pointing out that much of the credit for the reduction is down to the better ergonomic design of furniture, and the awareness of some workers in how to make best use of it.

Correct work-station adjustment made easy with Elite Kassini height adjustable desks

One of the key areas in ergonomic design is the height at which people work, and this is where Elite Kassini height adjustable office desks come into the picture.

Although the overall numbers of musculoskeletal injuries and sick days are fewer, the figures are still way too high. While the lessening numbers have been put down to the awareness of some office workers, a significant factor is believed to be that of many office workers still not adjusting their office furniture correctly.

By purchasing office furniture like Elite Kassini height adjustable desks, employers are taking a major step to protecting their employee’s health. However, having purchased the best ergonomically designed desks, that is not where the employer’s responsibility ends. They must also ensure that staff are made aware of the potential of the desks, and are aware of how to carry out any adjustment.

Tailoring the workspace to get the best out of office furniture

There is one more step that employers can take to promote the physical well-being of their employees, and that is to advise their staff about tailoring the work-space to best effect. If any help is needed in this area, Elite, the manufacturers of Elite Kassini height adjustable office desks provide a consultancy service.

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