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top 5 office desks

Want to buy one of the very best office desks? Here are the best in the world right now!

Finding the right desk for your particular type of work is such an asset. Whether you are a designer, a writer, an accountant or even just a committed gamer, you probably spend a lot of your time at your desk.

Choosing the right one is essential – you need to consider how much space you have, how much surface space you need and how ergonomic it is.

Luckily, choosing the right desk is easier with this helpful list of the best types of desks available right now and some of the best examples of each you can buy.

5 of the absolute best desks you can buy

Best compact desk

The trusty bench desk fell out of favour for a time but in recent years it has become one of the most sought-after desk styles there is.

Equally suitable for use as an individual workstation or in a team configuration, the bench desk is popular due to its compact nature which doesn’t compromise on desktop real estate. A great compromise when space is at a premium.

Check out the incredible Gresham Bench² Office Desks here.

Best standing desk

Standing desks have become increasingly popular at the same time as more scientific study shows us just how bad sitting at a desk for long hours can be for our health.

Many people opt for a hybrid sit-stand desk, but whatever you choose, a standing desk helps you to burn extra calories, feel more energised and be more productive as a result.

The Next Day Gravity height adjustable desk is a fantastic choice if you want the option of sitting or standing as you feel like – you can see it here.

Best corner workstation

Corner workstations are usually ‘L’ shaped which means they have plenty of room for you to both use your computer and lay out written paper documents.

They usually come with a range of space saving features like integrated drawers and shelves which makes even more efficient use of your space.

The Daemon Glass Corner Workstation, which you can see here, is a thoroughly stylish choice.

Best executive desk

Executive desks are often used as management desks; particularly as “front-facing” desks. Often big and spacious with integrated storage and classy finishes, they project an image of authority and confidence.

These desks were often associated with stuffy, antique-style desks but modern version use cutting-edge design features and finishes so they can be integrated well into modern offices.

The Gresham EX10 Executive desks are a perfect combination of classic and modern style. You can view them here.

Best gaming desk

Corner workstations lend themselves well for use as dedicated gaming desks. With integrated storage space, they often have room to house a PC as well as a console, and with slide-out keyboard shelves, they are usually compact when not in use.

The President Computer Desk is a contemporary corner desk with heaps of storage, including an integrated rack for CD or DVD/Blu-ray storage. Check it out here.

Gresham Bench² Office Desks could be your perfect new desk

If you’ve opted for a bench desk style, you can’t go wrong with the Gresham Bench² Office Desks. This range works well as a solo workstation or integrated into one of many possible group combinations. You can choose from sliding or fixed desktops and a range of styles and features.

Gresham Bench² Office Desks work alongside a full suite of storage add-ons and come with an incredible 10-year guarantee, which makes them the perfect investment for the future. Take a look at the full range here and if you need some help with choosing the right designs and combination, talk to our friendly sales advice team.

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