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Improve productivity

Could you get more from your employees with better office furniture?

Encouraging productivity in your workforce rarely stems from a top-down approach. Targets may help to gauge productivity levels, certainly, while also helping to give direction to staff. However, you’ll find that productivity is often self-generated – contended staff will always work harder.

If you create the right environment, one which empowers and inspires your team, you’ll find that they rediscover a sense of purpose from within themselves.

Here are 10 top ways in which office furniture increases productivity and why you should adopt them for your own team.

10 reasons why better office furniture increases productivity

1 – Comfort – When workers are comfortable at work, they’ll work harder. It’s a simple correlation but one that’s easy to understand. Staff who are agitated and fidgety will concentrate less.

2 – Health & wellbeing – Poor health and absenteeism are massive drains on your bottom line. Physical health and mental well-being can be improved by reinvigorating the work environment and ensuring all office furniture is ergonomically designed.

3 – Improved communication – Better office layout can result in improved communication. Open-plan office spaces encourage people to actually talk to one another instead of sending yet another email.

4 – Atmosphere – A calming, fresh atmosphere with invigorating accents of colour can be easily achieved by choosing the right furniture and you’ll find that it improved the mood of your team.

5 – Layout – Do staff have to walk the length of the office just to reach the photocopier? Then back to the other end to file paperwork? The walking might be good, but inefficient layouts can breed minute moments of resentment that build up. Centralise storage and shared facilities and make life easier.

6 – Investment in staff – Buying brand-new furniture shows your staff that you are willing to invest money in them. Making their life better will encourage them to give back and boost productivity.

7 – Careful lighting choices – Old lighting systems are bad for workers. Flickering yellowish fluorescent lights or dim lighting with no natural light makes workers tired and prone to headaches. Use as much natural light as possible or, in a pinch, choose natural-looking daylight bulbs.

8 – Vibrant colour schemes – Choose inspirational, creative colours and your workers will no longer feel as dull as the beige walls and desks you currently have. Make your workers feel like you recognise the creative aspect of their work, no matter what industry you work in.

9 – Collaboration spaces – Relaxed breakout areas that offer a combination of privacy and inspiration are ideal for those moments where teams need to get together to plan and come up with new ideas.

10 – Booth seating – Inspired by restaurants and cafes, booth seating offers a modern, stylish way of keeping staff in teams without making them feel separate. Use organic, flowing lines instead of rectilinear shapes and you’ll inspire your staff and make them take ownership of their space.


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