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materials handling

The right materials handling equipment can make all the difference to your efficiency.

Materials handling equipment covers a wide range of products. From heavy duty lifting platforms to simple sack trucks and trolleys, here at Equip4Work, we are proud to bring you an amazing range of materials handling equipment to suit your every need.

But do you really need all these things just to go about your job, and is it worth the investment? Here’s just a few reasons why buying the right materials handling equipment is crucial to your business.

Reduce injury risks

According to HSE, the most common non-fatal accidents at work are caused by being injured handling, lifting or carrying, with one in five reported accidents being of this nature. Using the correct manual handling equipment for the job can help reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring, keeping you workers safe every day.

Failing to provide the right equipment for the job could see you in breach of your employer’s responsibility. Should an accident occur and you are found to have been negligent, you could end up paying out thousands in compensation. That certainly makes an investment in some cheap materials handling equipment seem more work it, right?

Speed up the job time

From a business point of view, the faster you can get a job done, the more jobs you can get done, which means more money in the bank for you. Using simple manual handling equipment will allow you workers to do a better, safer job in less time. Some of the most popular pieces of equipment include:

  • Skates and dollies: These simple, inexpensive pieces of kit mean you are able to safely and effectively manoeuvre large and bulky objects by hand.
  • Sack trucks and trolleys: Why carry one box at a time when you can shift five? These trolleys allow workers to stack up items and carry more in each trip, improving efficiency.
  • Scissor lift tables: Lifting tables let you store more products safely at height. If you have a warehouse or a high-ceilinged stock cupboard, these are essential items.
  • Shelf trolleys: From giving out the post and bringing around tea to organising AV equipment and shifting smaller loads, our shelf trolleys are so versatile it’s no wonder they’re so popular.

Of course, there is a huge range of materials handling equipment available to you, and what you find most useful will depend on your own business and industry. But if you want to get the most out of your staff and to boost the efficiency of your workplace, investing in materials handling equipment is crucial.

Find affordable materials handling equipment here

At Equip4Work, we’ve sourced a huge variety of materials handling products to help you get the most out of your workforce and business. From trolleys and lifters, storage to cages, we’ll help you get equipped with everything you need to make your workplace safer and more efficient. If you need any help choosing, just ask us for advice.

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