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Lots of our lockers have BioCote, but what exactly is it?

You may have noticed that many of our lockers, including Sixto lockers, mention the inclusion of something called BioCote. If you’ve never come across this protective product, you may be wondering what exactly it is and why you would need it on your lockers. Here’s what you need to know about BioCote and why it’s a great choice for lockers anywhere:

What is BioCote exactly?

BioCote is an antimicrobial additive which is applied to products at the manufacturing stage to prevent the spread of bacteria.

How does BioCote work?

Using a silver alloy, BioCote is applied to every outside component of the product it is being used on. This finish prevents bacteria from reproducing, meaning they will normally die within eight hours. This reduces the spread of bacteria and prevents it from being transmitted from person to person via indirect contact.

How long does it last?

BioCote coatings are guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the product. It doesn’t wear off over time and will not transfer to clothes or people.

What does BioCote protect against?

BioCote treated products such as our Sixto lockers are tested to be protected against a wide range of harmful microbes. These include Aspergillus Niger (Black Mould), Streptococcus faecalis, Salmonella enteritidis, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes.

Should you buy lockers with BioCote?

Over recent decades, the whole world has become more hygiene conscious. Practices like washing our hands regularly and using tissues when we sneeze are helping to reduce the spread of illness causing bacteria both at home and at work, but is it enough?

In the UK, in 2016, over 137 million working days were lost to illness; that’s around 4.3 days per worker. Stopping the spread of germs in high density locations such as offices and schools can help prevent illnesses from affecting more workers than necessary, and a good focus for this is with your lockers.

BioCote coated products such as our Sixto lockers are protected 24 hours a day from harbouring dangerous bugs and bacteria. It prevents colonisation by many of the most dangerous microbes, as well as stopping mould growth which can cause unpleasant discolouration and odours.

We highly recommend BioCote products as a means to improving hygiene in the workplace, and in places where hygiene is crucial such as hospitals and restaurants, it’s essential. For more information on BioCote and our Sixto lockers, talk to our friendly team today.

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