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Getting employees to cycle to work is not always as easy as it should be…

Cycling to work can make employees healthier, wealthier and happier too. There’s reams of research on the benefits of regular cycling, and as an employer it can help you cut your carbon emissions too. However, knowing the benefits of cycling and actually getting people to do it are two very different things. Here are some ideas to make cycling a more attractive prospect to those you’re trying to encourage:

Pay their mileage

If your staff have cycled to work, they’ll be reliant on that bike for any business trips during the day too. While you can’t pay their mileage to work from home, you can pay them 20p per mile for any business trips they take. As they have no petrol costs to pay, this is cash straight in their pocket.

Hire bikes and equipment for your staff

Bikes and safety equipment for cycling can be hired to employees in a tax-free manner. You can also help employees purchase new bikes via salary sacrifice too, which is more tax efficient for the employee than going out and buying one themselves. There’s a factsheet explaining how this works here.

Have a pool of bikes available

Investing in a small fleet of cycles which can be booked out by employees can go a long way to promoting a cycling culture in the workplace. Particularly in city centre workplaces, bikes can be a much more convenient and rapid means of getting around than cars, so for those who live too far away to cycle in every morning, they can still benefit from cycling to meetings, to other sites or on lunchtime errands as a result.

Provide facilities for cyclists

Many are put off cycling to work because of the thought of arriving all hot and sweaty, and having to find somewhere private to change. Showers and drying facilities, as well as Quicksilver lockers for storing gear and clothing, can make the idea of cycling to work much more appealing. If you are investing in lockers, consider that sometimes clothes may be going in damp (or even soaking in the winter) and choose a product such as Quicksilver lockers which have an air vent system to keep the interior fresh.

Provide parking

Secure parking for bikes is essential if you want to get people cycling to work. Ideally this will be close to the building, covered and secure, with CCTV coverage if possible. If you can’t provide an external bike shelter, see if you can find an indoor location where you could provide lockable bike storage.

Create a cycling community

Things like cycling are always more fun when they are done together, so aim to build a community around your cycling initiative. Help employees work together to develop safe and pleasant routes to cycle to work, with pick up points along the way for others to join the group.

Cycling to work is a great initiative for any employer to encourage, and with a bit of forethought and commitment, it can be a highly successful endeavour. For advice on storage for cycles and equipment, including our Quicksilver lockers, talk to our team today.

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