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mid century office design

Taking inspiration from the mid-century can help keep your office bang on trend.

The importance of a stylish, professional and ergonomic office cannot be underestimated. The way your office is designed can have a big impact on productivity levels and employee engagement. As well as designing an office as a pleasant place to spend time, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends and fashions in interior design to ensure your company presents the right image. Here’s what you need to know about the current trends in office design, to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Wellness-based design

With companies aiming to drive down the ‘duvet day’ costs to their business, designing for wellness is at the top of many enterprises’ priorities. Designing for wellness may mean bringing in more natural light, providing opportunities to stand, stretch and walk, as well as introducing more natural materials and potted plants to the environment.


In 2017, workplaces need to be flexible if they are to meet ever-changing requirements. Company cultures are becoming more about connectivity, collaboration, and transparency, and office spaces need to reflect this. We are seeing more and more offices with areas designed specifically to encourage collaboration. To achieve this, furniture selection is critical. You need to look for pieces with a flexible design, making the spaces adaptable and efficient.

Inspiration from the mid-century era

For several years, the Gatsby era was the main inspiration for business owners when it came to office design. Today, designers are turning towards the elegance of mid-century design to create cutting edge office spaces. Go for the attractive materials and elegant tones of the mid-century era, while integrating modern industrial accents and intuitive technology into your office space.

The home office look

With most of us spending around a third of our adult lives at work, it’s hardly surprising that the office can feel like our second home. This has inspired designers to look for inspiration in residential design, building on the cosy, comfortable feeling of a home office, and even integrating playful touches like homely kitchenettes and sleeping pods. These are little touches that can make the office feel more comfortable so that your employees feel at ease and valued.


This is a trend that is gaining more and more momentum. Employees want to be able to tailor their office experience to suit them, which is why we are seeing a greater level of customisation in the office than ever before. From bringing their own photos and desk trinkets to choosing their own ergonomic chairs, giving employees more freedom to adapt and customise their workspace will make them more comfortable and more invested in the business.

Ergonomic desk choices

Taking care of our joints and muscles is a high priority for many office workers. With research regularly blasting out the impact that sitting for long periods can have on our health, office designers are frequently looking for ways to make our working demands less taxing on our bodies. One way to achieve this is with a good ergonomic desk, like our next day City desks. Because they’re available next day, City desks are a great choice if you have someone who needs a replacement desk urgently, but are also perfectly ergonomic for the less time sensitive refurbishment too.

Maintaining an overview of the latest trends in office design will help you stay cool, fashionable and a desirable company to work for  and do business with. Your investment in better office design will help you retain the talent you have in house, and present a modern, affluent, cutting edge image to any corporate guests who may come calling. Office Furniture Online is here to help you stay bang up to date.

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