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masculine home office design

Do you dream of a home office where you can really feel like a man?

Working from home is fantastic. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours and set up your working space specifically for you. Your own territory.

Problem is, if you need help with that, you’ve probably been bombarded with search results on “setting up a home office” that reveal cute little desks, pastel colour schemes and twee desk ornaments. That’s right – a lot of the information out there on home working is by woman, for woman.

Nothing wrong with that of course, it’s just that you probably can’t see yourself working from a lovely little pink and purple upcycled writing desk or acid greens and yellows with sunflowers to match.

You need some advice on creating a space that represents you – and we’ve got just what you need. Read on to get some help in creating the perfect masculine home office.

Making your home office space your own

Look, we’re not talking man-cave here.

We know you’re serious about your business and need a space that’s equipped for you to get your head down and get the work done. It’s just that with so many women opting to work from home due to childcare and such, there’s not a lot of information out there for the man who wants to do the same.

Let’s look at equipment first.


A solid, stable wi-fi connection is always a plus, but you might be better off dusting off that Ethernet cable. Ethernet connections and always on and often more stable than wi-fi and (cables aside) mean you can set your desk up anywhere without worrying if the broadband signal will carry through from the living room to your office.


Chances are you’ve used one of these for online multiplayer gaming – repurpose it for your work and you’ll reap the benefits.

Working with a headset allow you to continue typing or writing while you talk to clients and colleagues.


If you really want to up the stakes, ditch the whiteboard and certainly get rid of the old corkboard – offices everywhere are levelling up with the glassboard.

That’s right – you remember it from Star Wars and CSI. Well, now, it’s a reality. Choose from magnetic, mobile or toughened glassboards and start making notes in style.

Your desk is your most important purchase

Whatever else you choose, your desk (and chair – we consider them together) is your most important purchase.

You work long hours and carry out a mind-boggling array of tasks during the day and trust us, if your desk isn’t set up correctly or fit for purpose, you’re going to store up all kinds of health problems that time at the gym isn’t going to cure.

We’re thinking ergonomics here – not just a fancy word for how you sit, it’s the science of how you fit into your working environment. A big, chunky desk with plenty of surface space is ideal if you have the room while a corner desk could be perfect for smaller space.

You could even opt for a sit-stand desk that lets you burn some calories while you work.

Kudos Office Desks are masculine and built to last

If your desk doesn’t cut it, level up with Kudos Office Desks. With a variety of shapes to suit any home office configuration and a series of subtle, masculine wood finishes to choose from, these desks are perfect for setting up your own space.

Kudos Office Desks come with a range of storage add-ons to keep things in their place, while the massive 10-year guarantee means they’re rock solid and built to last. Make your choice from our full range, available to view here.

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