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health and safety quiz

Take our workplace health and safety quiz to find out how much you know.

A good working knowledge of health and safety is essential when you’re responsible for other people in the workplace. Whether you’re an employer, a line manager or a member of staff, the whole team should be up to scratch on health and safety guidance, but how much do you really know. Take our fun quiz to find out; answers at the end (no cheating now!).

Q1: Pick the correct statement

  1. You can’t wear flip flops in offices
  2. Your company must use a health and safety consultant
  3. Children in school must wear goggles to play conkers
  4. Computer screens must not have reflections


Q2: Health and safety rules mean you can’t have tinsel and Christmas trees in the office

  • True
  • False


Q3: How many different types of fire extinguisher are used in the UK?

  1. 4
  2. 6
  3. 7
  4. 9


Q4: Who can carry out a workplace risk assessment?

  1. Any competent person
  2. A health and safety consultant
  3. Your employer, or a senior manager
  4. Only the Health and Safety Executive can carry out risk assessments


Q5: The responsibility for health and safety in your workplace falls to:

  1. Your employer and board of directors
  2. Employees and any self-employed contractors on site
  3. Everyone, no matter who employs them
  4. Employees excluding any contractors or freelancers

So, how much did you know about health and safety? Check your answers below, and brush up on any that you might not have got right this time!


Health and safety quiz answers

Q1: The correct answer was 4. Computer screens must not have reflections. Glare and reflections can damage eyesight and can cause headaches and fatigue. Placing the monitor to the side of a light source as well as using matt screens and anti-glare coatings can help meet this health and safety requirement.

Q2: False. You can enjoy Christmas just as you wish, but health and safety does state that tinsel should be flame retardant. If it’s new, it will be, but if it’s been kicking around for several years, it could be a fire risk. Lights should be PAT tested unless they are brand new, and should be turned off at the end of the day.

Q3: There are six classes of fire extinguisher. These are: ABC powder, AFF foam, carbon dioxide, water, wet chemical and water mist. You should know which types are present in your workplace, and what types of fires they can be used on.

Q4: The correct answer is 1: Any competent person. You do not need any specific training or qualifications to undertake a risk assessment. Everyone can and should be able to do one.

Q5: The answer is 3. Everyone, no matter who employs them. All people on site have a duty to implement good health and safety practice and to help keep their colleague’s safe at work.

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