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Think you’ve got the most stressful job in the world?

In association with Channel 5, the Telegraph recently released the results of a survey into happiness and stress levels. Those results yielded some interesting data around the link between happiness and wealth.

Not only that, the responses gave an eye-opening look into which jobs are most likely to cause stress – and the results are surprising. Let’s take a look at some of the most stressful jobs in the UK

The most stressful jobs in the UK

According to the survey, the jobs with the worst work/life balance are those in media. While this may be a shock to outsiders, who probably see media employment as that “dream role,” most media folk will tell you that they are on freelance contracts and work incredibly long hours.

They are often required for short-term, high-intensity projects and need to work many hours in order to fulfil their clients’ demands. Not only that, but because these short-term projects aren’t guaranteed, many media professionals find themselves taking every one they are offered – with no breaks in between.

In terms of work/life balance, those who work in logistics have it best. Being on the road means they often get to finish early, when the job is done, rather than being chained to the desk until 5 o’clock.

Top, middle or bottom?

It probably won’t come as a surprise to know that the “C-suite” – CEOs, CFOs and CIOs – are the least stressed of all groups. Earning top tier salaries makes life easier and it seems that the myth of the stressed-out executive is just that.

It’s actually the rung directly below that suite that reports more stress – middle managers take on the brunt of the work on behalf of their bosses and also have to deal with managing teams of staff too.

However, people who work on the lowest end of the pay scale, including care workers, publicans and debt collectors, rate themselves lowest in terms of happiness. Clergymen, meanwhile, are the happiest of us all.

So, what’s the correlation?

It seems that there is an obvious correlation between money and happiness – obvious if you’ve ever struggled to make ends meet, but not so obvious for those who already have money. They are more likely to say that money is not the main motivator for their work and it’s likely they think they would have the same level of happiness as the rest.

There is also a correlation between the type of work and stress. People who are mobile or have flexibility and variety in their days are far happier than those who are stuck at a desk for eight hours a day doing monotonous or repetitive work.

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