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Office cake culture

Dentists say the office cake culture is fuelling obesity and runining our teeth…

You’ve probably been there; you’re trying to diet or at least cut down on your sugar, but you arrive at the office to find a massive tray of muffins, or a cake for someone’s birthday, new baby or leaving do.

You want to avoid it, but social pressure kicks in – what if it looks like you’re being holier-than-thou, or just look like you’re not participating like you should. Plus – that cake really does look delicious, doesn’t it?

This might just give you pause for thought: The Faculty of Dental Surgery based at the Royal College of Surgeons has revealed a study that warns that poor oral health and obesity can be worsened by trends in large offices for “cake days” and sweet rewards.

Why you should swap the cakes for something else

“Cake culture” has grown in the last decade and at the same time, the LSE warns that obesity has risen by 23.8% across developed nations, including the UK.

It might seem harmless, but the trend for having cakes and confectionery in the workplace puts many of us in an uncomfortable situation. Not only is temptation increased, a problem for many of us who lack the willpower to move to a healthier diet, but there is also social pressure to join in with our colleagues,

If you’re one of those who likes to take sweet treats into work as a way of socialising or rewarding colleagues, you could be unwittingly putting pressure on them instead.

We’re not always aware which of our workmates are secretly struggling with weight gain or dieting and since one of the recognised ways of cutting down on sugar is to avoid it completely, waving cookies and cakes around may not be helping them.

What’s the alternative?

For a start, employers should be taking more responsibility here. Encouraging staff health and wellbeing by offering healthier alternatives should be considered, such as fruit and nuts or, at a push, lower sugar products like biscuits for nibbling on.

If you’re determined that you’d like to take something in to show your colleagues that you care, you could opt for a spot of home baking instead of going to the supermarket.

Shop-bought treats tend to be overloaded with sugar and fats, to say nothing of preservatives of all kinds; home baking, meanwhile, allows you to choose low-sugar treats that taste delicious and will impress your workmates too.

It’s really a case of everyone looking out for each other. What might seem like a spot of innocent indulgence to you could be the temptation that breaks your colleagues’ difficult diet. And because sedentary work carries with it the risk of obesity and diabetes anyway, we should all be a little more aware of health in the workplace.

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