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Friendly, reliable, super organised… a perfect receptionist can be hard to find!

Finding the right receptionist is very important for businesses, and you’d be surprised at the difference they can make to your office. From being the warm, welcoming first face a client sees when they walk in the door, to the helpful and efficient voice on the phone, finding the right receptionist will prove a valuable asset to your business. Here are some tips to help you find the right one.

Tips for hiring a receptionist

  1. Being a good communicator is vital

A receptionist will be dealing with all sorts of people related to your business, including staff and clients, which is why effective communication skills are vital. Before a face to face interview, you should arrange a phone interview to assess their phone manner and how well they can express themselves, before then arranging a face to face interview. Their written skills will also need to be of a high standard, particularly if you plan on having them send emails on your behalf.

  1. They must demonstrate professionalism

Your receptionist will represent your organisation, and it’s important that they always create the right first impression on whoever walks through your door. Finding someone who maintains a professional appearance and attitude is important, and they should be polite and accommodating. Punctuality is important as well as some flexibility, so make sure you choose a candidate who can adapt to the different situations they’re put in.

  1. They should be highly organised

Organisation is key for a receptionist who should be able to manage competing priorities as well as balance their workload effectively. They will possess the ability to develop their own processes and systems for keeping on top of things, as well as making sure their work is area is neat and tidy too. Whether they will be organise meetings, business trips or anything else, you’ll need the right person to show skilled organisational ability to help you stay organised too.

  1. They should be skilled with technology

Your receptionist will need to know their way around phones, computers, tablets and more, and it’s essential that they are skilled at using various desktop software. Often they’ll be the first port of call for staff IT issues so they’ll need to be able to relay technical information to helpdesks in order to get issues resolved quickly.

  1. Interpersonal skills are valuable

A receptionist who is rude or unhelpful will create a bad impression, therefore the right attitude can go a long way. A receptionist with great interpersonal skills and a friendly demeanour will help to create the right impression and will benefit the mood of the office as well. It’s likely that they will know all of the goings on in the office as well, so it’s important that they are discreet and do not indulge in office gossip.

Welcome your new receptionist with a Gravity office desk

A Gravity office desk is the ideal way to welcome a new receptionist to the team and give them the space they need to carry out their duties effectively. A Gravity office desk provides flexibility, essential storage as well as giving your office a modern, sleek look. It’s sure to help your new receptionist feel comfortable and welcome, the perfect start to a wonderful new working relationship.

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