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Think your desk has got it all? Think again…

Your desk is the epicentre of your working world. You spend hours there every day. Why is it so drab and boring?

Liven up your desk and you stand a good chance of livening up your attitude to work. You’ll be more comfortable, more productive and maybe even have a little fun in the workplace while you’re at it.

Here are the top ten things you never even knew your desk was missing.

10 top items your desk was crying out for – and you never even knew

1 – Desk vacuum

Tired of crumbs everywhere? Pick up a cool desk vacuum cleaner! These come in all kinds of cute shapes and sizes including miniature versions of your typical office vacuum. Keep your desk free of crumbs and have fun using it too.

2 – Personal fridge

We all know the woes of the shared workspace fridge. You head into the kitchen, desperate for that cool can of soda that’s been sitting in there chilling, only to find it’s been snatched by some anonymous drink thief. And it had a Post-It with your name on it too! Beat the bandits with a personal desk fridge.

3 – Mug warmer

We’ve all done it. You make a cup of coffee, sit it down at your desk, then get absorbed in a complex task. You go to take a drink – and it’s cold! Use a desk mug warmer and keep your coffee at perfect drinking temperature.

4 – Desk fan

Air conditioning in the office rarely cuts it. When it’s actually on, it blows freezing air on three or four people and is soon turned off again. During those stuffy summer months, regulate your own temperature with a tidy desk fan.

5 – Succulents

Keeping plants on your desk is a great way to remind you of the world outside work, but maintaining them can be a pain. Buy a succulent! Miniature variations of the cactus family, they need next to no upkeep.

6 – Potted grass desk stand

Alternatively, grab yourself a pen/phone stand that is a little patch of grass – this tiny oasis of nature is practical too!

7 – Foot hammock

Properly resting your feet at your desk is easy with an under-desk foot hammock. While you hammer away at your keys, let your feet feel as if they’re on holiday!

8 – Retro phone charger

Phone chargers come in all shapes and sizes but a retro one can add a touch of class to your desk. A perfect idea is one shaped like an old rotary phone.

9 – Stress reliever

You have an almost infinite array of choices here, but something that you can knead like putty can come in very handy when deadline day is approaching.

10 – Cherry blossom tree

Don’t worry – you don’t have to water this either! An LED tree with lights on the tip of each branch, this accessory can add a little zen to your workspace.

House all your precious gear in style with our Concept Office Desks

Of course, desk accessories only do so much when your desk itself is outdated! Think about trading up with our Concept Office Desks. With a cool urban design, these stylish desks have contemporary textured facia finishes, with wood product that’s responsibly sourced.

Concept Office Desks come with an incredible 10-year guarantee, so you’re not just getting style, you’re making a solid investment too. View the full range here and talk to our sales team if you’d like some help choosing the perfect desk to go with your accessories.

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