Taking Care Of Your Keys In The Workplace

There are inevitably a tonne of keys that are needed to run your business. From keys to the server cabinet to keys for windows, keys to your safe deposit box and keys for the company vehicle… the list goes on, and on.

When you’ve got so many to take care of, having them hanging around in your desk drawer is not always a good idea. It only takes one unscrupulous person to steal or copy a key, and those things you thought were locked up and protected are no longer safe.

Add to this the fact you’re going to need to give some of your trusted staff access to various keys, and might not always be in the office to unlock your desk drawer, it’s far better to come up with a proper key storage solution that will keep everything safe. This is where our key storage cabinets and boxes will be highly useful for you.

Single key cabinets

Our key cabinets are highly secure, lockable units that let you organise and store your keys in a practical and efficient manner. You can choose the cabinet that best suits your needs, whether it’s a compact 20 key secure cabinet or a larger capacity key vault. Each comes with colour coded and numbered hangers, so you can organise your keys, as well as having a pad detailing sign in and out sheets to keep track of who’s borrowed which key.

Deep key cabinets

If you need to store bunches of keys rather than individual keys, our deep key cabinets are perfect for the job. These are deeper than a standard key box, allowing for storage of chunky key bunches and keyrings too. We even sell a floor mounted key organiser which, in its largest size, can hold more than 2,000 keys!

Portable key cabinets

For your security guards or mobile security patrols, a mobile key safe is a great solution for keeping things secure and organised. These steel cabinets have space for between 20 and 63 keys, with a flush closing rim to resist forced entry.

Locking key boxes

If you want to leave a key in a secure location, accessible to only the people you choose, a simple keyguard box will fit the bill. Mounted on any interior or exterior wall, this is a small push button safe, into which you can programme any code you choose. Keep a spare key to the front door outside, just in case, or provide a key to a restricted access room for your senior or trusted staff members.

These are also really popular with our domestic clients, as they provide a way to allow emergency services or care agencies to access the homes of the elderly, even if the resident is unable to let them in. If you own a holiday let, a locking key box is the perfect way to store keys externally, allowing guests entry without you having to be there to let them in to the property.

Emergency key storage

If getting access to a certain area in the event of an emergency is a priority, invest in an emergency key box for your business. These little red boxes are very much like the break glass fire alarm systems, where a small hammer is used to smash the glass in order to access the key inside. This can be a great way to provide access to areas that are usually out of bounds if for any reason there is an emergency need to get in there.

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